Battling drug and alcohol addiction: It is not too late

Drugs and alcohol are psychoactive substances that alter consciousness, perception, emotions, memory, or actions of a person. Drugs, especially illegal drugs, have made their way into the hands of some teenagers and adults. Alcohol, on the other hand, have been sold in every pub, convenience store, or grocery market in Australia. Unfortunately, consuming such substances will only lead to physical or psychological dependence mostly known as an addiction. You can save an addict from ruining their quality of life with the programmes provided by

What is physical dependence

Physical dependence results from the frequent intake of drugs that the body can get used of. The body gets addicted to the drugs and will have a difficulty with coping when deprived of the drug, which is called “withdrawal” in physically dependent addicts that comes with unusual migraine, mood swings, nausea, and other symptoms. Another case is drug tolerance, which the continual intake of drugs from small to large doses to feel more of a drug’s effects. These are common in drug addicts and can put these individuals at risk of potential overdose.

What is psychological dependence

Psychological dependent addicts do not need drugs, but use them for the sake of their mental being. There are drugs that people use in their daily lives, like nicotine in cigarettes and caffeine in coffee. Drugs are classified according to their uses: stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens. But, no matter the category, drugs can make a psychological dependence into a physical one and vice versa.

For example, an addict smokes crystal meth to satisfy their need to feel high. If deprived, the addict begins to have symptoms of withdrawal from a mild range to a severe range. When they become like that, it is important to seek help. You can find aid on this link:

Shedding light on drug and alcohol use

You know about drugs that are illegal: cocaine, some types of amphetamine, marijuana, opium, and other drugs. They are sometimes referred to in different names, like crystal meth, pot, or weed. But why do addicts still love or miss the effects of the drug after trying to stop?

The brain’s reward hormone, dopamine, makes addicts feel pleasure in being high after taking a drug. And, when the body tastes pleasure, it starts to do classical conditioning, which is why it’s hard to stop. Hard, but it’s possible to stop with the right therapists or psychologists.

Is alcohol a drug or merely just a drink? It is a drug. In fact, it is a depressant that stimulates illusionary feelings of happiness as you drink due to inhibition, which is a state of consciousness that keeps people in proper behavioural patterns engineered by society. For example, when drunk, some people tend to go nude, let go of their inhibition, and free their body! There are millions of alcoholics worldwide, but alcoholism has caused death by excessive alcohol intake and drunk-driving, but you can make it stop.

If you happen to know someone who is struggling from drug and alcohol abuse, you can get help from Wyndham Clinic using this link: